We’re introducing: The Corolle Girls

The new Teen Fashion Dolls by Corolle

Corolle has expanded its range: after "Ma Corolle", the new collection, the Corolle Girls, now addresses a slightly older target group from four to eight years.

The 28cm tall dolls, which can stand on their own, offer the possibility for imaginative and creative role play. They represent the age of teenagers and thus encourage to slip into older roles.

The dolls are just as naturally designed as all the other toys in the Corolle range. The brand is known and loved for this design. The typical vanilla scent is also not to be missed here. The group consists of four different characters, each doll has its own preferences and hobbies.

We’re introducing: The Corolle Girls

Romantic Valentine loves dancing and ice skating. Fashionista Melody is fascinated by social media, music and rollerblading. The imaginative Luna likes to dream and is enthusiastic about handicrafts, painting and reading. Zoé, the fourth in the group, is committed to environmental protection. You can find her on adventurous adventures in nature - her favourite accessory is her rubber boots.

Four separately available outfit sets with different accessories also enable role changes and stimulate the imagination for creative play. The Corolle Girls offer children adventures in a realistic teenage world and thus promote their development.