Welcome to the brand new website of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.

Earlier this year, we unveiled our brand refresh with an emotional image spot, new key visuals, an updated claim and an overhauled booklet at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

Now the brand refresh of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP encompasses as well our digital channels. Besides updated social media channels, we developed a completely new website from the ground up.

An own content management system and technical infrastructure secure a fast and clear user experience. The website comes with a modern fully responsive design, optimized for tablets and smartphones.

The website will unify all international subsidiary websites and provide a global common appearance.

In line with the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP online strategy, the website addresses all Business-to-Business relevant information. Thus the website is the perfect destination for all existing and potential partners and everyone who wants to stay up-to-date.

Hope you love it.