BIG-Bobby-Car - The Big Race

BIG-Bobby-Car taking over a digital car race on PlayStation and Nintendo.

Since the launch of the BIG-Bobby-Car back in the 1970s more than 20 million models were sold – the bright red slide vehicle is a formative childhood memory for many people.

This is how the munich publisher Wild-River-Games sees it, too: „The BIG-Bobby-Car is one of the strongest toy brands in Germany. Our intention is to transfer the kids‘ and parents‘ enthusiasm for the brand BIG-Bobby-Car into the digital toy world.“

No sooner said than done: Already on the 24th of september 2020 the first video game with the BIG-Bobby-Car Classic and the new models BIG-Bobby-Car NEO and NEXT was launched for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Over the course of the story more than 40 exciting missions and challenges have to be mastered. This includes having races with other BIG-Bobby-Cars and to explore the „open world“ universe of the sliding vehicles. Furthermore one can design the Bobby-Car individually using the character editor and adjust ones style of driving. Last but not least: the major mission is of course to win the big race and to cheer as the new champion on the podium.

The game’s dialogues are in german or optionally in english.

Werner Lenzner, Senior Manager Licensing & Market Research at Simba Dickie Group, also commented on the cooperation: „We’re pleased to cooperate with Wild-River-Games, a renowned publisher for games. And to explore new ways together in order to present our brands, like BIG-Bobby-Car, apart from the classic toy market.“

BIG-Bobby-Car - The Big RaceBIG-Bobby-Car - The Big RaceBIG-Bobby-Car - The Big Race